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Think Tank’s mentorship program is designed to help artists that have previous training, and/or experience, brush up on their skills, produce a viable demo reel, and get a job!

See below for what’s included in the 4 month mentorship program.

4 Month Mentorship

Our mentorship comes with four months of Mentored study time with indefinite facility access upon completion.  Each student is assigned a personal, state-of-the-art workstation.



ABOUT_mentorsIndustry Mentors

Students are assigned personal mentors from local studios. If you want to work on environments for EA, we do what we can to hire someone from EA that works as a lead environment modeler to coach you through your demo reel. He/she meets with you each week and critiques, teaches new techniques, and generally guides you to a successful demo reel.

All advanced courses

Mentorship students have the ability to take any course offered at Think Tank after the 1st semester as part of a customized curriculum.



ABOUT_softwareThe Best Equipment and Software

Think Tank workstations are outfitted with full HD dual widescreen monitors. We teach the latest industry software. Think Tank has its own “renderfarm”. These days CG workstations need to be robust. Ours can handle anything students can throw at them.


Studio Tours

Access to all studio tours and guest speakers during time at Think Tank.



ABOUT_continuedsupportContinued Support

Once you finish your year with us, if for some reason you don’t get a job, you may stay and continue to study for free with a dedicated station for as long as you want. Nobody else offers that kind of support.


ABOUT_jobplacementThink Tank Job search network

At this time we have very high placement for our graduate students. Committing to an expensive CG training program is one of the most expensive challenging endeavors you will face your entire life. Do your homework. Ask questions and demand good answers. At Think Tank we want students to leave us “Employed” and happy they made the right choice.


Please contact us for the current tuition fees required to enroll in the Mentorship Program.

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