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The CG Student Awards, sponsored by Autodesk, are held annually to showcase up-and-coming talent and represents the future of film, television and game production. CGSA recently released their annual list of the top 20 schools in the world offering training in these areas, and Think Tank Training Centre of North Vancouver, B.C. was named third overall and number one in Canada. The top 20 list was drawn from over 1,000 submissions from students at 216 different schools around the world. Points were based on creative skills, technical skills, esentation, raw talent and future potential. “Having access to over 1,000 entries ranked from top-to-bottom by industry experts is an extremely powerful indicator of where the best talent is coming from globally,” said Andrew McDonald, CG Student Awards Co-Founder. With an intense focus on film production, and close to 100% job placement rate, it is no surprise that the boutique training facility in North Vancouver is recognized as the best school in Canada. Graduates have worked on Avengers 2 – Age of Ultron, Batman vs Superman, San Andreas, Jurassic World and Game of Thrones, to name a few outstanding recent examples. For more information on the top schools, and to see examples of student work, please visit: www.cgstudentawards.com. or see below.

It’s the mission of CG Student Awards to create a platform for all aspiring digital artists to launch their careers, network with professionals, and connect with other passionate digital artists from around the world.

There are various categories that students and recent graduates can win prizes in. They include Student of the Year, Film of the Year, Game of the Year, Bootcamp Internship, and Peoples Choice. School of the Year is calculated based on the final results from entries submitted by students. Points are awarded to each School based on data collected from entrants in Student of the Years (Games + VFX/Animation), Film of the Year, and Game of the Year categories. The data is then weighted to give each School their overall score.

Please use the following links to check out our Students work

School of the year top 20 list.

VFX/Animation Student of the year finalists
Javier Blanco (Highly Commended)
Alexy Vasilyev

Next Gen Gaming Student of the year finalists
Ray Le (Highly Commended)
Johnny Malcolm
Samantha V Bean

Bootcamp finalists
Alexy Vasilyev (Winner)
Kenson Wang (Winner)
Polina Peeva
Samantha V Bean

Peoples Choice Finalists
Johnny Malcolm (Winner)
Christian Peck (Winner)
Alexy Vasilyev
Javier Blanco
Kobi Moldavski
Paul H Paulino
Polina Peeva
Ray Le
Shahaf Zlatin
Simone Urbano

We would like to congratulate and give appreciation to all the students who entered the contest. Your dedication and hard work has helped to give the school some long overdo recognition.