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“What should I include in my Portfolio?”

What we’re trying to determine is your level of aptitude. Don’t let your lack of drawing skill stop you from applying. Show us your ideas and creations in another medium. Paint, sculpture, photographs, short films, 2D and 3D images and models. It all counts when it comes to evaluating your portfolio. Include 5 to 10 examples that show us what you can do. Animations in any medium are great.

Drawings, paintings, and photographs should be 8.5″ x 11″ photocopies or scanned jpegs, Color or black and white. Digital examples on a DVD or CD, or even better , a web link ( Save the planet and all ). Remember these will not be returned!

“What if I have no examples of my work?”

If you currently have no examples of your artwork you might consider taking some time to create something before you apply, If you feel this is not an option for you at this time you can also write an essay reflecting your reasons for wanting to explore this exciting medium. Send us a message and we can help you get your portfolio kickstarted.

Remember, there is more to computer graphics than fine art… some of the most influential members of the CG community can barely draw a stickman!